Update and Swift

It’s been a couple of days since my last update. Last week I decided to take the free Udacity course on Swift programming to create a swift app. And it was a fun project. I created something called Pitch Perfect, basically an app where you record your voice and have special effects than you can add into the playback. Really want to do the Udacity Nanodegree which allows me to get a certified degree from the course and job support, but I would be shelling out 300 a month, and being short on cash every month, that’s really not an option right now. I have this internship that is ending this Friday and if I manage to impress the owner, I could potentially land my first gig as a software engineer at a startup on a blockchain company. I would pretty . much become the founding developer in a team of 5 developers and I’m really excited about that.

Main app page: (This is where you record whatever you have to say. Not sure yet how long the limit is since I’ve only been trying short clips like 4-7 seconds, but I’m sure there is going to be a limit.)

This second page is some of the effects that you can use. The snail is for slow speed, rabbit for fast, squirrel for high pitch, darth vader for low pitch, The bird looking thing for reverb and the sound waves for echo.

This are some of the source code. What I think I didn’t like about this product is that as a first class, they had use do the main design component first and then gave us all the code for the effects like playback and pitch generation. I guess it kind of makes sense since you want to make sure you know the layout of your playground before diving in the actual code. It allowed me to be able to use the storyboard more efficiently and using basic layouts for the application. Learning about constraints was a pain since everything seems to get screwed up after adding one or so constraints, but in just a couple of days I was able to create a full functioning application.

Here are some of the codes used in the project. If you want to know more, checkout my Github. There’s a lot of incomplete projects there so sorry about that but I’m jumping from lesson to lesson whichever peaks my interest even after I said I was going to focus on JavaScript and Java. Someone commented that Java is kind of dying. I think so too but so many jobs still want you to be familiar with it so not having luck with obtaining my first job as a developer.

That’s my update on the past week and what I did as a developer. I will do another blog right after this one on my updates with D3 and other aspects of my life.


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