This past week, I delved deeper into JavaScript just because I need to keep up with it and learn to actually solve a lot more coding challenges eventually once my grasp on arrays and objects are better.

I did start learning D3.js for my internship since I need to and working with data is a lot of fun for me. So I am just doing the basics and would eventually want to work in geospatial stuffs like Map and those things.

But for the most parts this are the stuff I’ve created just with basic d3. Looking to delve into working with Json objects and CSV and other external stuff soon. And in like 2 hours of being focused and looking at random things, I created a few examples of basic d3. I was looking at their website and I really like the 3d data that they presented. Hopefully I can progress farther sometime soon.

Here are some of the things I’ve done in that 2 hours

Basic Line Chart

Basic scatter plot

Basic bar chart

I think I will dedicate next week to learning more of D3 and wrapping it up with using it for geospatial stuff like maps and making things hover. Then for the rest of the month, I will be continuing my HTML, css and web design course and taking a social media course just so I know how to become more famous here (jk, I just think learning about users and how to get them to use your services would be huge in terms of getting a career in tech). And most likely getting better in Java. Not really a fan of the language so far. It just seems like it has so many things it needs to set it up but we’ll see. Like I see no point in it just because I can set up a backend using JavaScript with node.js and connect it to a database of my choice easily. Having the classes in Java just makes things a lot more complicated ( I know JS has its own class method too and I should really learn to use it sometimes) but creating objects seems to be an easier and simpler method. Just refactoring the code to be more DRY is the only problem.

To my readers, what do you think? Is Java even worth pursuing?


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