HTML, CSS & Web Design Circuit Week 3

So I’m in the third unit for the General Assembly’s course. I think I’m really more interested in the UX design aspect because the circuit itself is too elementary from what I’ve already learned. I like the UX design aspect me more because it lets me think of how I want my site to look and how it could be better appreciated by my viewers/users.

For unit 3, I’m  basically learning CSS colors(hex, rgb), classes & IDs, and images. Pretty elementary for someone who created full stack applications before. Given, I do think I could be better in using classes and IDs a lot better in terms of naming. Another thing I’m having trouble in is having ideas of what I want to create. This is front end design without all the needed data and I just want to make it look better. I have the layouts in my head, but I just don’t have the creative images and words that I want to put in there.

I guess, I need to find more inspiration. Why does the day only have 24 hours. I need at least 60 to get through what I need to do. Maybe I should stop oversleeping and wake up how I use to when I was taking my immersive course. Sleep at 3, wake up at 9:30 and go from there. No naps because, in my perspective, naps take away any productivity and energy from me.

Wow, two blog post in less than 4 hours apart. This is a new record for me.



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