Finished my very first Salesforce Trail

I’m so glad I finally finished my very first Salesforce Trail. Only 53 more to go! JK…. but seriously, there’s 53 more trails I can go into. There’s 33 beginner trails and I’ve only finished one. Some trails only run an hour long but most run 2-3 hours for the beginner with the exception of the Developer trail which is a 17 hour trail. The intermediate and advance only gets farther from there with an average of around 4-5 hours each.

So roughly to do all trails it would take me about 300 hours to complete the rest probably more since I did a rough estimate. Given I can do about 2-3 hours a day, it should only take me 3 months to go through all trails. But with my lazy self and other commitments, I can see that three months becoming 6 months to a year since I’m also focusing on other commitments like learning JavaScript and its frameworks.

I’m going more into D3 as well since as a Salesforce developer/ admin, a lot of the data has to be translated into visual material especially as a startup company, we’re gonna want our investors to be seeing visual representation of what the trend we’re expecting, what kind of growth we want. And just because blockchain development is basically brand new and not really a lot of people are doing it, I think I am entering an exciting field where cryptography is going to be amazing.

So it all comes down to having so much technologies popping out and not enough time to learn it all. Lucky for me, Microsoft has a free pluralsight trial and that saves me a lot of time in trying to search for what to learn. Youtube is a great tool, except some of the techs that I’ve been seeing are outdated and it’s hard to program when the thing you want to use doesn’t really work.


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