SalesForce Part 2

Today, I almost completed my first module, but I couldn’t finish because I just realized that my trailhead playground doesn’t translate into Salesforce1 or at least I think it doesn’t.

For those who does not know, Salesforce1 is the mobile app that Salesforce has and so far I was doing the module and I tried to do some of the challenges that I had for Salesforce1 and I couldn’t finish it because my main developer account was not linked to the trailheads account that I’ve been working on. Apparently, google+ is different from my regular account even when my google+ account is created with the same hotmail account so that is a problem for me. I can’t log in the developer aspect of the google+ account because my password does not match =/

I did send an e-mail to merge my accounts so I’m awaiting the changes for that. But yea, I’m two “projects” away from completing an 8 hour module. Kinda excited for to finish it just because I’m intending to do the developer track after.

Also, watched a couple of videos about blockchain just because the company I’m working for as an intern is a blockchain company and I’m not really sure what blockchain really is about beyond bitcoins.



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