Salesforce Progress

Today, I started to take learning SalesForce a bit more seriously. So, I started doing the Trails and I’m almost 50% completed with the first trail of SalesForce which is the Admin Beginner. It’s saying I have about 6 hours left. And I’m fine with that. I intend to finish that trail either by tomorrow or Friday because why not. I think I really should take the readings a lot more seriously though. I’ve been earning points for the trail head and I really don’t like losing half the points by not paying attention to it and just answering haphazardly. Plus, I need to make sure that I remember what I’m doing because I do intend to eventually get the certifications for SalesForce eventually. I want to do it this year because SalesForce is still growing and having a great CRM is gonna make it easier for me to find jobs as a developer.

So yea, I didn’t realize that there are so many trails. It’s pretty fun. So far it’s simple.

The most recent was creating a lightning app and I gotta say, it’s a lot simpler than what would happen if I have to code it from scratch.

But I would say I am looking forward to learning Apex and incorporating that into my skill set. Tomorrow, I will definitely try to finish the first module and get into finishing the second week of my General Assembly’s HTML, CSS, and Web Design circuit just so I can blog about it. Excited to show some of the wire-frames that I’ve done. I just think of it as the more I code, the more I am able to showcase my skills to future employers and hopefully, I can eventually land a job as a web developer. I think I’m getting there. I’m constantly improving. Got a few interviews, but I never seem to nail it. Hopefully I can soon though.


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