As I am continuing my job search to land my first career as a developer, I sort of started spreading myself out too thin. I want to learn everything and with so many interesting technologies being used, I find that I am not learning enough. So, for the most part, I think I will be focusing on learning Java as my priority as learning Java leads to knowing more about Salesforce programming as Apex is based on Java as a program. I want to spend about 2 hours a day in learning as I know spending more than that for me is not doable with how busy my life is with all the job applications, interviews, and personal things.

As for review, I will be taking a JavaScript development class in General Assembly starting in August. It will be online but I think I can do it. I just need to practice my JavaScript knowledge in order to me to do well in code challenges. I think I will try to spend at least an hour a day practicing JavaScript or at least 3 times a week for an hour. This could be through doing code challenges and trying to get through as many code wars challenges as I can do.


I will spend more time learning Java and Salesforce while I just review JavaScript.


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